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Hospital Policies

At least once a year, you should bring your pet in for a preventative health examination.  This will include one of our veterinarians giving your furry loved one a full nose-to-tail physical examination. A good physical examination can detect minor abnormalities before they become serious problems.

Bring in any medical history you have of your pet when you come to our veterinary hospital on your first visit. It's best to keep a journal of your pet's health throughout his or her life, including behavioral shifts. If you have something like this, share it with our team. If not, let us know everything that you think will be important.

Cancellation Policy

We ask if you cannot make your appointment with us, please give us 24 hours notice.

Any appointment that checks in 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment time is considered MISSED and will be rescheduled for another appointment time. After the second missed appointment, a credit card is kept on file, and will be charged our exam fee of $81 ONLY IF there is another missed appointment without any reason within 1 calendar year.

Late Policy

To help ensure all of our clients receive the time needed for their pet, we will ask to reschedule your appointment after 10 minutes of your appointment start time.

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. If you have any special considerations regarding payment, please discuss this with the receptionist prior to seeing the doctor. We accept a variety of payment options, including cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit.

Accepting Visa Accepting MasterCard Accepting Discover Accepting American Express


CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare, both human and veterinary, that works like a credit card. To apply, click here for the CareCredit Online Credit Application or call their 24/7 phone number at 1-800-365-8295.


ScratchPay offers financing options ranging from $200 - $10,000. Visit or text PAY to 213-296-0817 to apply.

Because we offer CareCredit as a no-interest option for unexpected veterinary care, we do not offer in-house payment plans. If you are not approved on your own for CareCredit, you can reapply for CareCredit with a “co-signer” (relative, friend, or family member) whose credit rating or financial situation may increase your approval rating. If you have applied for CareCredit or Payment with a co-signer and have proof of being declined, please see a member of our client service team and we can discuss additional options for you. 


New Client Deposit:  We require a deposit of our exam fee for your first visit. This deposit will go towards your appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment, we can help reschedule but require 24 hours' notice of cancellation in order to keep your deposit.

Specialty Services: There are times when the care for your pet may require the services of an outside veterinary specialist and/or considerable blocks of time dedicated from our schedule to ensure the maximum care level is able to be provided for your pet by our team. Given that our contracted specialists’ time demands are at a premium, rescheduling things at the last minute is a major impact on the specialist(s) and our team. For these reasons, we may require a deposit of an amount no less than the actual projected cost for the procedure, to be placed on your account at the time of scheduling. If your pet’s procedure is canceled by you within 72 hours + notice, we are able to refund your method of payment immediately. If you do not provide 72 hours notice, we reserve the right to keep your deposit, or any portion of it, to recover costs we incur from our outside specialists and/or loss of staff/doctor time.  

Procedures: We require a $500 deposit to be made for any procedure over $1,000, and a $250 deposit for any procedure up to $999 at the time of pre-operative labwork for all procedures.

Cancellation: For eligibility of refund for deposit; procedures over $1,000 require a minimum of 7 business days’ canceling timeframe.  For procedures under $999, we require a minimum of 3 business days’ cancellation timeframe. If you do not cancel in these timeframes or do not show up for the procedure, your deposit will be put under review. We reserve the right to keep the deposit based on the criteria above. **

Pet Insurance

Deciding how to fund your pet's medical care is an individual choice and there are many options to consider. We at Central Animal Hospital are often asked about pet insurance options. While we do not recommend any one specific company, our clients have given us feedback that these companies have provided excellent value and service for them and their pets. Feel free to check out any of these websites:

We want to do our best to provide you and your pet with the veterinary care you need and desire. If you have questions about our financial policies that this guideline does not cover, please feel free to call us at (707) 762-2693 and ask one of our client care specialists to assist you.